The Zenith Society

Episode 16

While the Count deciphers the resurrection scroll from Maeve’s Lair for Cyborg. Holly informs the party that Lance is in trouble. Phoenix, Sculptress, Orient Express(O.E.) and Miss demise go from the N.Y.H.Q. to Washington D.C. to meet with Lance. Lance tells him that government agents have been following him. The Party decides it would be safer for Lance if he cam and stayed in New York. It is thought that traveling by train would be less obvious and easier to protect Lance. Everything is fine until shortly leaving Philadelphia. The rest of passenger cart is empty, with only Phoenix and Lance remaining in the cart. Suddenly the sound of metal on metal reverberates through the cart. Then Right over Phoenix and Lance one of Dr.O’s advance Robots peers through the roof of the cart. The Robot attempts to shoot Lance, but Phoenix jumps in front of him and takes the shot. Lance runs out of the cart, while sculptress comes into the cart. Both Sculptress and Phoenix take on the Robot. The Robot shoots Sculptress, phoenix tries to take the bullet again, but can’t get there in time. Sculptress is shot in the Head and killed. Phoenix leads the Robot out of the hole in the cart to get it away from the rest of the train. Once Phoenix is far enough away from the train and the Robot closes in on him, Phoenix goes Supernova. This kills the Robot but leaves Phoenix of his fire abilities for several weeks. Phoenix’s wings still exist and he flies back to the train. No further attempt takes place and Lance stays at the New York H.Q where he will be safe.

Episode 15

Even though the party enlist the help of a detective(Miss Demise) to help convict Shield Maiden, Shild Maiden is acquitted of all charges. Afterwards Lance tells the party that he believes that Dr.O has managed to infiltrate the F.B.I., N.S.A., C.I.A. and other State Departments. Soon afterward the party finds out that some of the party has been abducted? The Only lead the party has is that the goggles of the abducted saw Dr.O’s robots heading South. After convincing Miss Demise to stay with the Society she tracks down some information. A Subsidiary of Dr.O has sent building materials to Antarctica. The Party hacks into a satellite and get photos over the Antarctica. There they find what looks like a secret prison facility. The party prepares for the cold weather, terain and gears up for the jail break. The party split up with Cyborg going to attack the front gate. Prototype and Blue Legion attack from the east. Cyborg hits the gates but can’t break through. 2 Robots from guard towers open fire on Cyborg. Cyborg manages to throw a smoke/flash grenade over the gate, but a robot manages to kill Cyborg at the gate. With the Flash/smoke grenades as a distraction, Prototype and Blue Legion make it to the holding facility. There they get into a fight with the Illuminati soldiers and get past them. They get to an open area and finish of the rest of the guards in the prison. They finally manage to get all of the cells open and set all the members free. The party also find another individual in the prison by the Name of Menagerie. The party hears the new of Cyborgs death. For her gratitude, Menagerie turns into a cheetah runs out to where the party told where Cyborg fell. She then turns into a polar bear and carries the body back to the party. Hotshot kills of the rest of the Robots at the prison. There Orient Express portals the party back to Buenas Aires.

Episode 14
Tempus Fugit

Holly tells the party, that Shield Maiden is en route to New York. Holly proceeds to hack into Airline reservations and finds that she has also reserved a cab. Holly then hacks into the Yellow cab dispatch and find that her destination is the New York HQ. As Shield Maiden exits the cab she circles the building returning to where she started to put an object on the ground near one corner of the building. A huge 42ft. clockwork creature steps through a 45ft. portal and immediately attacks Stopwatch. Stopwatch is instantly knocked out. The Count casts Carpet of Adhesion and snags the Shield Maiden. Cyborg sitting atop a building some distance away sees the creature step out and flies at his maximum mach one speed to attack the clockwork monstrosity. He hit the creature full force and realizes that by attacking this way he is able to easily do as much as twice the damage he would do from a normal punch. The party manages to beat down the extra-dimensional creature and Pixie enters the being and snaps it’s main spring. The party questions her reasons for being there. They discover that while they were distracted fighting the clockwork creature someone got into the headquarters and downloaded Holly. The remaining computer people in the party manage to retrieve a back-up file of Holly. While waiting the other members make sure that Shield Maiden is arrested by the authorities. She confesses to the party that she had the robots kill the Bloggers. Fearing the judicial system would be coerced by Dr.O, the party looks for a person that couldn’t be influenced. In Holly’s files she finds a detective and activist To help convict Shield Maiden. The party finds the woman living in L.A. The party convinces her to help Lance Cartwright in the case Against Dr.O’s daughter. The party finds the detective has the power to posses and affect the nervous systems of people. She is hesitant to join the party due to their label as a terrorist group. She does decide to help Lance in his investigation. The party once again works on enhancing the internal security of the various headquarters.

Episode 13
An Old Fashioned Goo Slinging Contest

Holly tells the party that reminisce of the black ooze has killed people in San Fransisco. The party does some research and finds out that Dr.O had done some experiments on a alien substance that fits the description of the sludge while at the University in Athens. Having taken a lot of negative press, the party tries to do their own mudslinging campaign against Dr.O. The party leaks information to several media outlets about Dr.O and the goo. The party then retraces it’s steps from the last encounter with the sludge. They track the ooze to a storm drain north of San Fransisco. They manage to kill the sludge and record the entire fight and then they send the footage to the same media outlets. Next the party starts a misinformation campaign for and against Dr.O. Then they shell out some cash to get some people to start some anti-Dr.O sites and Blogs. Most of the sites close down with in a few days. The few that are still up and running the party increase funding to really push the mudslinging. After a week some of the bloggers are killed. Python shape changes and talks with the Feds. Python show all the circumstantial evidence of Dr. O to a Lance Cartwright. There is enough to convince Agent Cartwright that Dr.O could be behind the killings. Agent Cartwright does an initial follow-up to the party’s claims but begins to think his superiors could be in the pocket of Dr.O. Cartwright sets up a sting operation foe Dr.O, but makes look like its a sting against cyber-terrorism. Python and the party consult with Cartwright to set the trap. Another agent under Cartwright is an apartment outside of D.C. The agent begins a blog against Dr.O. 4 hours into blogging a Robot shows up. The Robot rips open a hole in the roof and kills the agent at the computer. The party confronts and defeats the robot. In the end nothing really comes about any case against Dr.O and the Party are considered terrorist. The party does gain Cartwright as a contact in the F.B.I.

Episode 12

Fearing what would happen to Cyborg if he was found in the Nashville Airport restroom, Orient Express goes to Master Chi’s shrine and brings him back to New York. Blue Legion drives the company transport truck to Nashville. As they get close they pose as a delivery truck. While on the airport grounds, they find a security guard. Blue Legion tells the airport security, that she is Cyborgs sister and flirts with the guard til she can get to Cyborg. There she is able to get him out of there. When they get back to the truck Master Chi heals cyborg. Cyborg tells them about his fight with the Turk. They decide to try and confront him while his hand is still injured and head to the Wild Turkey in Mobile, Alabama. Having never been there before, Blue Legion goes in and starts flirting with the patrons and bartender. While distracted, Cyborg and Master Chi sneak down to the arena. Orient Express tunnels from underneath to the arena. As Orient Express breaks through the floor of the arena his powers fade. Cyborg & Master Chi find the Turk in a side room to the arena, with his hand in some kind of contraption (presumably healing it). Cyborg & Master Chi ambush the Turk, the fight goes back and forth then Cyborg is K.O.ed again. Master Chi manages to tackle the Turk down the hole made by Orient Express The Turk screams for help and the Shield Maiden comes down the stairs. Blue Legion follows her, strikes her from behind, then gets past her to hole in the arena. Orient Express goes back down the hole then gateways them all back to New York HQ. Back in New york, they interrogate the Turk but he is not giving anything up and even broke through the handcuffs. Cyborg, and Blue Legion start to torture the Turk. He lets them know that Dr.O’s H.Q. are in the Pacific Ocean but doesn’t know exactly where. The Turk also tells them that Dr.O’s Illuminati contacts have kidnapped Phoenix and Screaming Eagle. The party decides to trade the Turk for Phoenix and Screaming Eagle. Once again, the exchange is to happen at the Atlanta Airport. Afterward, the party returns to New York. The Turk is seen on T.V. exclusive, about his harrowing experience as a kidnapped victim of a Terrorist called the Zenith Society. Since the main N.B.C. Studio is in New York Stopwatch sneaks into the control room and destroys all the footage and copies. Yet, the P.R. damage is done and negative rumors begin about the Society.

Episode 11

Upon hearing of the evil spirit in Maeve’s Lair, Cyborg makes arrangements to have the entire complex to be filled with cement. After having that done, He goes back to New york and meets with Pixie, Python and Rocky. An 2 different explosions are heard on the Roof of Head quarters and in the armory. Holly’s Particle beam gun blew up destroying her mobile emitter and with a company Helicopter with Scarlet Lady(the Tattoo mage) beside it, killing her. Sculptress finds out that both were caused by sabotage. Since it had to be an inside job the entire Zenith Society is questioned. Then it is figured out to have been Squid(the Spec. Ops) soldier they found in Maeves lair. Apparently he was placed in the the lair by Dr.O to be rescued by the party then when he was able disrupt the team. He managed to get out of Headquarters during the commotion. They manage to track him down to Madison Square Garden. The party notices that while he is trying to hide he seems to be waiting around. Eventually Shield maiden(Dr.O’s Daughter) arrives and hands him a briefcase. Pixie flies and sneaks into the briefcase and finds that it is flies with cash. The party tries to trail squid but are discovered. A fight breaks out but Cyborg knocks him out. Squid is taken back to N.Y.H.Q. When he wakes he is Interrogated by Rocky. Finds out that Dr.O is putting a higher attention on removing the Magic oriented members of the Society. Holly was also a high priority for her Information gathering capabilities. A scheme is hatched, The party decides to try and Fool Dr.O’s organization. The party rigs explosions at the Buenas Aires H.Q. Faking the deaths of Orient Express(OE), Python, and Ghost. Using the genetics labs at the H.Q., they clone some of there body parts then leave them in area to be found after explosion to sell the ruse. After the Explosion, city officials are paid off by the party and Python poses as Squid. He calls the Wild Turkey in Alabama. He mentions that he blew up the South American H.Q. and demands payment. Shield Maiden is pissed that his timing was premature and will only pay a million. They Schedule the money exchange at the Atlanta airport and Turk will make the exchange. Python has Pixie go with him to meet Turk. Pixie is caught sneaking into the Briefcase. Pixie and Python escape a fight from the Turk. Turk turns around and gets on his Flight to Alabama. Cyborg goes Mach to try and intercept the plane. While flying he snatches up a turkey and takes it with him. He finally gets to Turks Plane and throws the turkey into the engine. Disrupting the engines enough that it redirects to the Nashville Airport. There Cyborg waits for an opportunity to ambush the Turk. Eventually, the Turk goes to the Restroom. Cyborg surprises him there, Turk tries to swing back and misses, hitting the wall behind Cyborg. Cyborg tries to get the advantage but the Turk punches Cyborg leaving him unconscious in the Nashville airport bathroom.

Episode 10

Holly sends word to all members that Charles Wisenhunt is dead. Apparent Suicide. The Party returns to New York for the Funeral. The Party really presses Holly into the details into his suicide and how. Reluctantly Holly Introduces them to Prototype. Holly tells them that Charles managed to transfer is collective thoughts and knowledge into a device. That Device could then be put into a Robot body of one of Dr.O’s Robots and the Blue Knight Armor. Yet the Transfer didn’t go smoothly and the psychic Imprint in the Blue knight altered the personality of both causing Prototype to have similar knowledge but not the same level of skill of the Blue Knight and Charles.
Creating a new persona for Prototype. The party makes arrangements for Charles’s Funeral. The Service is held at a Synagogue and later buried near in Brooklyn. At the Burial Dr.O and his Entourage shows up to pay his respects to Charles. He mentions that they were friends yet had deferent views that led to their falling out. Though tense, the only ones to make a move against Dr.O’s crew are Python who uses his shape shifting ability to put a ripple effect on his own face to toy with them a bit. Stopwatch leaves to find a close building to get into a Sniper position, but by the time he finds one Dr.O’s people leave.
After the Service, the Count figures out were Maeve’s lair is located beneath Newgrange Ireland. Throughout the lair are traps or effects to hinder a persons sanity. Several Vampire minions and Entities protect the Lair. In one particular room a Vampire is feeding on a Spec. Ops Soldier nicknamed Squid by the Vampire. He is Rescued but Holly is severely Injured, Orient Express(OE) have them gateway back to the N.Y.H.Q. Count and Master Chi(MC) proceed on alone. More traps and Vampres are delt with, except 2 vampires do manage to get away. Another room is discovered, to hold a source of immense evil. Only one person may enter at a time, and the Entity will grant them the power to Kill the next person they see. Knowing the next person is a party member both refuse. They both try to find out if there is a way to vanquish the evil in the room. They discover that a Monk in Vietnam could potentially be able to. They make arrangements to bring the Monk to Newgrange. He cleanses the lair but informs them that ANY evil done in the Lair will bring back the entity. The Monks is then returned home. As the room is cleansed a secret door is discovered. It’s Maeves treasure room and Armory. The Evil and Selfish weapons are destroyed. The one weapon of good is impaled into the floor of the room where the evil had been cleansed. Other tomes and items are found and the lair is cleared.

Episode 9

The Party gets frantic call from the Count. Says a Fire elemental has chased him and the Orb of Souls into a Cave Outside of Rome. The Party demands that the Orb is Destroyed. Reluctantly the Count does so. When the Orb is destroyed 7 seven souls are set free into the cavern. The Count gets possessed by one of the souls and goes catatonic. The Fire Elemental leaves him alone after the possession. When the rest of the party arrives at the base of the cave alight can be seen down the tunnel. The Party splits in half between staying and going down the tunnel. Pixie goes in 1st. but is scared out by the Fire Elemental. Toltec, Master Chi, and Cyborg try to fight the Fire Elemental to no avail. Toltec tries to get the Count out of there, but when she does the Count awakes and cast carpet of Adhesion on Toltec, and Cyborg. MC then gets possessed by another spirit of a girl. Pixie finds her courage and goes back down the tunnel. Stopwatch’s Danger sense goes off as he enters into the cave. Freak & Hotshot hide and see Maeve enters the cave. Maeve tells the party that she wants the souls and that she will remove the Elemental if the party is willing to join her. Toltec manages to stall her until Hotshot & Freak can close in. The party attacks and Pixie tries to sneak into Maeves Ear unsuccessfully. Stopwatch is the next to become possessed and his out of the fray. Before Maeve can get a spell off, Hotshot puts a bullet in the back of her head killing her. On her death, the elemental disappears and soon after the possessed are released. Toltec & Stopwatch try to punish the Count for taking the Orb, but are informed that the Count was manipulated by the Orb. Master Chi stops the Count from being physically punished. Upon searching Maeves body another Orb is found. The party decides to destroy this one as well.

Episode 8

Since Dr. O took over for The Illuminati money has been tight for the Zenith Society. Wisenhunt still ill from the effects of the poison is desperate to have improve the groups fiances. He decides to sell of the armory. Then has the party to go to his home in San Fransisco to retrieve his hard drive from his home computer there. The party goes to his home and detects a Robot in the home behind them. Freak & Master Chi pose as homeland security to investigate. The new robots look more human and more human like movements. While speaking to the robot it posing as a Donna Reed housewife, she calls for her husband. An Illumanati soldier working for Dr.O. A battle in sues, sensing their own defeat the Robot self-destructs in just 2 seconds from beeping(unlike the 15 seconds previously & The soldier takes a cyanide pill. The Party goes back to Wisenhunts house, and Master Chi senses a living presence in the computer room, but nothing is seen. As they go for the computer tower a black substance just misses Freak. They leave the room but substance attacks Freak as it stats to digest him. He scrapes off the black stuff and starts to experiment with it. He finds that it grows when it consumes flesh. The party heads back to New York to give Wisenhunt his Hard drive. Wisenhunt takes his own personal fiances to pay the party what he owes them but wants them to go back to his house to get rid of the black stuff. The Party goes back to the house in San Fransisco, Blue knight finds a microwave perimeter around the house to contain the goo. Freak finds the goo and experiments further on it. Freak finds out that the goo is only hurt by fire, plasma and can be agitated by microwave. So the party set the house ablaze, but Blue Knight is seen by neighbors setting the house on fire. Less than 10 minutes later cops show up. Due to a psychosis towards police, Blue Knight loses it and opens fire on the Cops. Master Chi tries to calm him yet doesn’t work. Master Chi jumps on Blue Knight as he takes to the air. Blue Knight drops MC who manages to survive the fall. Hotshot exchanges fire with Blue Knight, but kills Blue knight. His remains and armor are taken back to NY, thinking Dr.O can’t risk the Public Relations nightmare of the goo, getting out. Yet, on the 1st return trip back to New york some of the goo had been release by Freak during his experiments. So Holly tells them that their are reports that some of the stuff has gone into a trailer park in California. While going to the trailer park the party tracks it to a mobile home. Inside the stuff has a family is in a comatose state. Toltec contains the goo and puts in a thermite container then its lit. Dr.O’s people do take care of the stuff in the house, but the experiments done by the party have into 3 pieces.

Episode 7

Dr.O and his crew seem to be laying idle. Holly believes that the Robots are getting an upgrade. In an unrelated matter, Holly says that stories of people of royal blood are killing their teenage children that are still virgins. Than after the slayings are traveling to Ireland. One of the murderers is an insane asylum in Dublin. Freak & Master Chi pose as doctors and manage to question the man. The patient made mention of a place called Black Head in Western Ireland. After the initial talk with the guy the party theorizes that he may have been put under a spell by Maeve, an Irish Mage that was in a top security prison, yet was broken out presumed by Dr.O for some unknown reason. The party talks to some locals and find that a mountain with a geological discoloring on the side that forms an image of a black head. As a party investigates the area a banshee attacks Toltec. Leaving her temporarily insane. Master Chi & The Count manage to defeat the banshee. While a gang of gargoyles and hell hounds attack the rest of the party. Afterward Toltec is put into Rockys’ Hovercraft for safe keeping while the Party checks out the Black Head markings. Freak manages to disable the blade trap on the markings and an entrance opens up. Inside the mountain a hallway leads to 3 tunnels. The Party splits & go down each of the tunnels. In each of the tunnels is a vampire. Each group defeat the vampires and meet up in an opening with a door ahead of them. It is magically protect from physical penetration but The Count cast mystic portal and make to the other side. Inside the party finds Maeves research study. Among the many tomes the group finds out that Maeve needed the souls of Royal virgin teenage blood to release Tiamat"a Multi-Headed dragon" at the Pyramids at Giza, On the day of the summer solstice . Just days away, the souls were collected and put into a magical orb. The Party goes to Cairo and see that Maeve’s Gargoyles are protecting her as she is starting the ritual. She put up an invisible wall around the pyramids to repel a direct attack. From over head the party tries to disrupt the ritual with impromptu acid bombs and grenades. After settling inside the walls, Freak tries to attack Maeve directly but she manages to flip him on the ground and not upset the ritual. The party does manage to obtain the orb but is cracked in doing so. The Ritual is finally disrupted by the party. Dr.Os new robots come in and start attacking the Gargoyles. The Party decides not to fight and escapes. Dr.O’s Robots defeat the Gargoyles and once again Dr. O is seen as hero against Maeve. That’s when the party realizes that he broke her out to be a Villain for him to defeat thus ensuring his positive view all over the world. The party has stern debate over the fate of the Orb. Rock & The Count wants to keep it and release the souls at a right time and place for personal reasons. The Rest of the party don’t want to release the souls. The matter is tabled to later.


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