The Zenith Society

Episode 8

Since Dr. O took over for The Illuminati money has been tight for the Zenith Society. Wisenhunt still ill from the effects of the poison is desperate to have improve the groups fiances. He decides to sell of the armory. Then has the party to go to his home in San Fransisco to retrieve his hard drive from his home computer there. The party goes to his home and detects a Robot in the home behind them. Freak & Master Chi pose as homeland security to investigate. The new robots look more human and more human like movements. While speaking to the robot it posing as a Donna Reed housewife, she calls for her husband. An Illumanati soldier working for Dr.O. A battle in sues, sensing their own defeat the Robot self-destructs in just 2 seconds from beeping(unlike the 15 seconds previously & The soldier takes a cyanide pill. The Party goes back to Wisenhunts house, and Master Chi senses a living presence in the computer room, but nothing is seen. As they go for the computer tower a black substance just misses Freak. They leave the room but substance attacks Freak as it stats to digest him. He scrapes off the black stuff and starts to experiment with it. He finds that it grows when it consumes flesh. The party heads back to New York to give Wisenhunt his Hard drive. Wisenhunt takes his own personal fiances to pay the party what he owes them but wants them to go back to his house to get rid of the black stuff. The Party goes back to the house in San Fransisco, Blue knight finds a microwave perimeter around the house to contain the goo. Freak finds the goo and experiments further on it. Freak finds out that the goo is only hurt by fire, plasma and can be agitated by microwave. So the party set the house ablaze, but Blue Knight is seen by neighbors setting the house on fire. Less than 10 minutes later cops show up. Due to a psychosis towards police, Blue Knight loses it and opens fire on the Cops. Master Chi tries to calm him yet doesn’t work. Master Chi jumps on Blue Knight as he takes to the air. Blue Knight drops MC who manages to survive the fall. Hotshot exchanges fire with Blue Knight, but kills Blue knight. His remains and armor are taken back to NY, thinking Dr.O can’t risk the Public Relations nightmare of the goo, getting out. Yet, on the 1st return trip back to New york some of the goo had been release by Freak during his experiments. So Holly tells them that their are reports that some of the stuff has gone into a trailer park in California. While going to the trailer park the party tracks it to a mobile home. Inside the stuff has a family is in a comatose state. Toltec contains the goo and puts in a thermite container then its lit. Dr.O’s people do take care of the stuff in the house, but the experiments done by the party have into 3 pieces.

Episode 7

Dr.O and his crew seem to be laying idle. Holly believes that the Robots are getting an upgrade. In an unrelated matter, Holly says that stories of people of royal blood are killing their teenage children that are still virgins. Than after the slayings are traveling to Ireland. One of the murderers is an insane asylum in Dublin. Freak & Master Chi pose as doctors and manage to question the man. The patient made mention of a place called Black Head in Western Ireland. After the initial talk with the guy the party theorizes that he may have been put under a spell by Maeve, an Irish Mage that was in a top security prison, yet was broken out presumed by Dr.O for some unknown reason. The party talks to some locals and find that a mountain with a geological discoloring on the side that forms an image of a black head. As a party investigates the area a banshee attacks Toltec. Leaving her temporarily insane. Master Chi & The Count manage to defeat the banshee. While a gang of gargoyles and hell hounds attack the rest of the party. Afterward Toltec is put into Rockys’ Hovercraft for safe keeping while the Party checks out the Black Head markings. Freak manages to disable the blade trap on the markings and an entrance opens up. Inside the mountain a hallway leads to 3 tunnels. The Party splits & go down each of the tunnels. In each of the tunnels is a vampire. Each group defeat the vampires and meet up in an opening with a door ahead of them. It is magically protect from physical penetration but The Count cast mystic portal and make to the other side. Inside the party finds Maeves research study. Among the many tomes the group finds out that Maeve needed the souls of Royal virgin teenage blood to release Tiamat"a Multi-Headed dragon" at the Pyramids at Giza, On the day of the summer solstice . Just days away, the souls were collected and put into a magical orb. The Party goes to Cairo and see that Maeve’s Gargoyles are protecting her as she is starting the ritual. She put up an invisible wall around the pyramids to repel a direct attack. From over head the party tries to disrupt the ritual with impromptu acid bombs and grenades. After settling inside the walls, Freak tries to attack Maeve directly but she manages to flip him on the ground and not upset the ritual. The party does manage to obtain the orb but is cracked in doing so. The Ritual is finally disrupted by the party. Dr.Os new robots come in and start attacking the Gargoyles. The Party decides not to fight and escapes. Dr.O’s Robots defeat the Gargoyles and once again Dr. O is seen as hero against Maeve. That’s when the party realizes that he broke her out to be a Villain for him to defeat thus ensuring his positive view all over the world. The party has stern debate over the fate of the Orb. Rock & The Count wants to keep it and release the souls at a right time and place for personal reasons. The Rest of the party don’t want to release the souls. The matter is tabled to later.

Episode 6
Fighting on Fuji

With Dr. O taking over the Illuminati, thier actions at the CDC, and Charles too sick to use his influence, the members of the Zenith Society are now on the International Terrorist watch list. Making commercial flight rather impossible. None the less, the party is informed that a martial artist from Japan was next on there recruitment list. Pixie remembers the mercenary outside her house heading for Japan. Stopwatch and Highlander take a train from Rome to Seoul , then sail to Japan. Python poses as a flight attendant and pixie sneaks onto the same flight. Toltec sneaks across the Canadian Border then drives to British Columbia and from there she sails to Japan. After several weeks the party meets up at the Tokyo Tower. They discover the Martial artist has been in seclusion meditating. Meanwhile, the mercenary had already made contact with the Martial artists’ Temple and was told that he could see the temple master in a few days.

The Party ascend Mt. Fuji to meet with this Master Chi. Master Chi makes it back to the temple and is told by his acolyte that he had a visitor from the U.S. while Master Chi was gone. The American gave the message that his life was in danger. The party makes contact with the temple before the mercenary makes it back. Leary of strangers especially after the information Master Chi was given, only Python and Toltec are given permission to see master Chi. Shorty after introductions the mercenary who had been hiding in the temple attacks Toltec and Python. Master Chi abstains from the fight not knowing whom to trust. With paired whips the mercenary starts to choke Toltec and Python. Noticing the mercenary taking pleasure from the attack, Master Chi cuts the whips. Angry by Master Chi(MC) cutting his weapons, he screams at MC. MC in returns gives him a chi punch that causes the mercenary to run off. Pixie chases after him and hears him call in for the robots. Knowing that the robots are coming she returns to the temple and tells the party. The party informs MC about the robots and thier purpose. MC has the temple evacuated by his students. Stopwatch senses the attack, and stops time on the robots when they arrive. The party uses the opertunity to get into an attack formation. When time starts again, MC and Highlander get good hits on the robot. Pixie enters the robot and cuts it’s sensory programing. Stopwatch manipulates the self-destruct program. Highlander grabs the robot and throws it a mile into the air before it blows. Afterward, the party speaks with MC. MC wants to meet Charles before he decides to join. Even though Charles is very sick he makes arrangement to meet MC in Seoul. Charles promises that the Society will protect the temple and it’s occupants. With that MC joins the Society.

Episode 5
The WNBA Comes to Calcutta

The group goes onto a recruitment mission to India. Supposedly a girl that has been blessed by Ganesha is going to college in Calcutta. When the party arrives on the campus, Python posing as a typical student sees a 7ft tall woman. Python tries to speak to her but the tall figure ignores him. Python having a dossier of the girl, code named The Sculptress they are trying to meet, assumes her likeness. The tall woman suddenly makes eye contact with Python now posing as Sculptress and advances towards him. Meanwhile, the rest of the party finds the real Sculptress. Python, seeing that the tall woman is pursuing him, runs into a bathroom. The giant woman rips the stall door open, revealing the latest upgrade in Dr.O’s robots. Python manages to hold off the android until The Count finds them. The Count casts carpet of adhesion on the android and it begins it’s self-destruct sequence. The party manages to get bystanders out of the way and only minimal damage to the campus. The party leaves the scene so as not to be involved in explaining what happened to the authorities. Sculptress agrees to join but wants to get some things from her home. There, one of the standard robots attacks the party. Phoenixtakes on the brunt of the attack until Sculptress touches the robot and it disintegrates. Heading to the South American H.Q,, the party finds out that Dr. Ohas kidnapped Charles and is holding him for ransom. In exchange for Charles, Dr.O wants the temporal device that the party saved from a robot back at the NY H.Q.. The part fabricates a fake device to exchange. Dr. O has the Turk bring Charles in a wheelchair and to do the switch at a terminal at the Atlanta airport. The exchanged is made but as the fake is realized the party finds out that Charles has been poisoned. Charles tells them that no matter what, the real device can’t fall into Dr. O’s hands. The party tries to find all available cures but the poison is a new concoction of Dr.O’s. The party panics as Charles get worse and decide to kidnap the head of the CDC research dept. to come up with a cure. The poison affects the immune system causing the immune system itself to start killing Charles. The party infects Charles with H.I.V. to suppress the immune system and counter the affects of the poison. The poison is already permanently in his system and he will have to be injected with the H.I.V virus and with chemo like treatments every 2 weeks for him to live. Soon afterward, the party finds out that Dr.O has taken over the Illuminati!

Episode 4
of Cops and Kidnappers

The group is asked to go on a recruitment trip to China. Rumors of a cop that can open portals all over the world lead the team to a police station in the Xian province. Freak and Cyborg speak with a police Sgt. then meet with a Chen Fei code named Orient Express(O.E.). O.E. tells them that he has established an underground cavern as a hideout and storage beneath the Gobi Desert. After O.E joins, the party goes to Tel Aviv to recruit Blue Legion, a girl that supposedly can produce multiples of herself. She is a thief and doesn’t trust them at first but decides to join anyway. Soon afterward the party gets word that Charles Wisenhunt’s (the party benefactor) brother George has been kidnapped by some of Dr. O’s Robots. George was able to send a GPS signal letting them know he is being held in an abandoned police station outside of Cairo. The Society arranges for a parachute drop over the location. The party gets off target but reestablish contact. Rocky tries to jam the robot’s signal, but the robots are aware of the party’s entrance into the police station and attack the party as they are entering. The party splits into 2 groups and defeat the robot sentries. O.E. contains the explosion of one of the robots. Another two robots are destroyed and the robot guarding George is also destroyed. The party immediately takes the hostage to a local private airport where a C-19 is waiting for them. As they take off, they see a plane that has the Turk on board landing. While the party celebrates, Blue Legion multiplies to reward the party. A robot then attacks the plane, both wings are destroyed and the robot flies off. Parachutes are attached to Rocky’s hovercraft and the non-flying party members along with the plane’s crew. They pile on to the hovercraft and very slowly make it back to Rome.

Episode 3

After a blackout, one of Dr. O’s Robots breaks into the New York HQ The Robot is tearing into the vault. The Freak is the first to confront the robot, but the Robot ignores his attack and proceeds to breech the vault. Rocky reaches the 4th floor next as the Robot and Freak enter the Vault. Rocky closes the vault on the Robot and Freak. The Robot grabs a pyramid shape device from a deposit box in the vault. Finally, The Count shows up on the 4th floor. Rocky opens the vault and Count cast Carpet of Adhesion in the Vault. Freak is stuck with the robot but is in close to attack the robot, while Rocky shoots him with his energy gun. The Count casts Energy disruption on the Robot and it drops the Device, but freak is able to catch it. The Robot starts its self-destruct sequence. The Count dispels the Carpet, Rocky manages to take the bomb out of the robot, Count opens a mystic portal above them and Rocky jumps through and throws the bomb as far as he can. It is assumed that there is mole in the Society. Then they find out that When Figment was dissipated he left his Goggles behind and was compromised by Dr. O. The Party finds out that the Turk was able to cause the Black out. Feeling that NY H.Q. is no longer safe to run things from the party moves its Primary H.Q’s to Buenas Aires til NY is better protected.

While in South America, the group gets word that a new recruit code named Pixie is in Rio, a Chemistry grad student that has an Assassin from the U.S. after her as well. The Party finds her first and convinces her to join the Society. She just first ask her parents to leave, under the rouse that she got a grant from Argentina to study there. While waiting for an answer from the Parents, The Count notices a car across the street. Count cast invisibility on himself and investigates the person inside. As he approaches the car, the man inside tells the Count that they won’t be able to recruit everybody they want and drives off. Taken aback by the fact that somebody sensed him the Count tries to investigate who was in the car and who he was. The party finds out that the man is a Mercenary and that he was leaving Brazil for Japan. In the meantime, Pixies Parents say no, but She leaves anyway. On the way to the South American H.Q. The party is attacked by another Robot. A shootout occurs, Pixie shrinks and enters the Robot and the Count cast energy Disruption again. The Robot loses it’s sensors and pixie gets out of it and they get away, escaping to Buenas Aires.

Episode 2

Episode 2, Figment Python, and Phoenix decide to investigate the Wild Turkey. They Find out that Dr. O’s daughter real name is Nicola, but goes by the code name Shield Maiden. She has the most sophisticated armor ever built with to shields in each hand but is skin tight. With a cape that can be used as a weapon, she looks like the female purple version of Darth Vader. In the arena below the bar is Yellow Tiger an old Nemesis of the Toltec. Yellow Tiger fairs a little better than El Ritmo, but dies 5 seconds into the match. Figment decides to challenge the Turk, when he steps into the ring Figment discovers that the ring has a super power dampener above it. Figment tries to destroy the dampener but is dissipated with a few hits from the Turk. Phoenix flies out at top speed and Python posses a local he had seen around town when nobody was looking and walks out.

Episode 1

The party is asked to retrieve in tell from an operative named El Ritmo. He is in a bar in Mobile Alabama Called the Wild Turkey, owned by Dr. O’s Daughter. At the bar, El Ritmo gives the party a key and says he’ll explain after a blood sport competition hel in the basement of the Wild Turkey. He is to fight Dr. O’s adopted Son The Turk. El Ritmo(one of the finest capoeira practitioners in the world) is killed in one punch by the Turk. The Party leaves to find out where the key goes to. They manage to figure out that it is a safety deposit key to a local Hibernia bank. Python poses as El Ritmo and gets to the safety deposit box. Inside are xeroxed copies of a plan to kill the President of the W.T.O., before a speech in Paris, France. The party contacts Mr. Wisenhunt (the Benefactor of the Society) and manages to get assigned to the security detail for the Pres. of the W.T.O. He is taken to a safe house 50 KM south of Paris. While on patrol, Figment notices something in the forest. It turns out to be one of Dr. O’s Robots. The party manages to contain the robot til it self destructs. Party decides they should move the Pres. of the W.T.O closer to Paris til the day of the speech. Python poses as the Pres. while Figment flies over head with the real Pres. to the destination of the speech. As soon as they land on the roof of the City Hall a sniper hits the Pres badly but not a mortal wound. He is unable to give the speech, so Python posing as him gives the speech instead. Since Python isn’t a public speaker the speech isn’t accepted well by the crowd. The next day the french markets crash. As the party returns to H.Q in Rome, they Find out that Dr.O has had his Robots apprehend Osama Bin Laden. The information they had received by El Ritmo was leaked by Dr. O to distract the party, so he could get Bin Laden. The World sees Dr. O as a global hero.


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