The Zenith Society

Episode 9

The Party gets frantic call from the Count. Says a Fire elemental has chased him and the Orb of Souls into a Cave Outside of Rome. The Party demands that the Orb is Destroyed. Reluctantly the Count does so. When the Orb is destroyed 7 seven souls are set free into the cavern. The Count gets possessed by one of the souls and goes catatonic. The Fire Elemental leaves him alone after the possession. When the rest of the party arrives at the base of the cave alight can be seen down the tunnel. The Party splits in half between staying and going down the tunnel. Pixie goes in 1st. but is scared out by the Fire Elemental. Toltec, Master Chi, and Cyborg try to fight the Fire Elemental to no avail. Toltec tries to get the Count out of there, but when she does the Count awakes and cast carpet of Adhesion on Toltec, and Cyborg. MC then gets possessed by another spirit of a girl. Pixie finds her courage and goes back down the tunnel. Stopwatch’s Danger sense goes off as he enters into the cave. Freak & Hotshot hide and see Maeve enters the cave. Maeve tells the party that she wants the souls and that she will remove the Elemental if the party is willing to join her. Toltec manages to stall her until Hotshot & Freak can close in. The party attacks and Pixie tries to sneak into Maeves Ear unsuccessfully. Stopwatch is the next to become possessed and his out of the fray. Before Maeve can get a spell off, Hotshot puts a bullet in the back of her head killing her. On her death, the elemental disappears and soon after the possessed are released. Toltec & Stopwatch try to punish the Count for taking the Orb, but are informed that the Count was manipulated by the Orb. Master Chi stops the Count from being physically punished. Upon searching Maeves body another Orb is found. The party decides to destroy this one as well.



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