The Zenith Society

Episode 8

Since Dr. O took over for The Illuminati money has been tight for the Zenith Society. Wisenhunt still ill from the effects of the poison is desperate to have improve the groups fiances. He decides to sell of the armory. Then has the party to go to his home in San Fransisco to retrieve his hard drive from his home computer there. The party goes to his home and detects a Robot in the home behind them. Freak & Master Chi pose as homeland security to investigate. The new robots look more human and more human like movements. While speaking to the robot it posing as a Donna Reed housewife, she calls for her husband. An Illumanati soldier working for Dr.O. A battle in sues, sensing their own defeat the Robot self-destructs in just 2 seconds from beeping(unlike the 15 seconds previously & The soldier takes a cyanide pill. The Party goes back to Wisenhunts house, and Master Chi senses a living presence in the computer room, but nothing is seen. As they go for the computer tower a black substance just misses Freak. They leave the room but substance attacks Freak as it stats to digest him. He scrapes off the black stuff and starts to experiment with it. He finds that it grows when it consumes flesh. The party heads back to New York to give Wisenhunt his Hard drive. Wisenhunt takes his own personal fiances to pay the party what he owes them but wants them to go back to his house to get rid of the black stuff. The Party goes back to the house in San Fransisco, Blue knight finds a microwave perimeter around the house to contain the goo. Freak finds the goo and experiments further on it. Freak finds out that the goo is only hurt by fire, plasma and can be agitated by microwave. So the party set the house ablaze, but Blue Knight is seen by neighbors setting the house on fire. Less than 10 minutes later cops show up. Due to a psychosis towards police, Blue Knight loses it and opens fire on the Cops. Master Chi tries to calm him yet doesn’t work. Master Chi jumps on Blue Knight as he takes to the air. Blue Knight drops MC who manages to survive the fall. Hotshot exchanges fire with Blue Knight, but kills Blue knight. His remains and armor are taken back to NY, thinking Dr.O can’t risk the Public Relations nightmare of the goo, getting out. Yet, on the 1st return trip back to New york some of the goo had been release by Freak during his experiments. So Holly tells them that their are reports that some of the stuff has gone into a trailer park in California. While going to the trailer park the party tracks it to a mobile home. Inside the stuff has a family is in a comatose state. Toltec contains the goo and puts in a thermite container then its lit. Dr.O’s people do take care of the stuff in the house, but the experiments done by the party have into 3 pieces.



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