The Zenith Society

Episode 7

Dr.O and his crew seem to be laying idle. Holly believes that the Robots are getting an upgrade. In an unrelated matter, Holly says that stories of people of royal blood are killing their teenage children that are still virgins. Than after the slayings are traveling to Ireland. One of the murderers is an insane asylum in Dublin. Freak & Master Chi pose as doctors and manage to question the man. The patient made mention of a place called Black Head in Western Ireland. After the initial talk with the guy the party theorizes that he may have been put under a spell by Maeve, an Irish Mage that was in a top security prison, yet was broken out presumed by Dr.O for some unknown reason. The party talks to some locals and find that a mountain with a geological discoloring on the side that forms an image of a black head. As a party investigates the area a banshee attacks Toltec. Leaving her temporarily insane. Master Chi & The Count manage to defeat the banshee. While a gang of gargoyles and hell hounds attack the rest of the party. Afterward Toltec is put into Rockys’ Hovercraft for safe keeping while the Party checks out the Black Head markings. Freak manages to disable the blade trap on the markings and an entrance opens up. Inside the mountain a hallway leads to 3 tunnels. The Party splits & go down each of the tunnels. In each of the tunnels is a vampire. Each group defeat the vampires and meet up in an opening with a door ahead of them. It is magically protect from physical penetration but The Count cast mystic portal and make to the other side. Inside the party finds Maeves research study. Among the many tomes the group finds out that Maeve needed the souls of Royal virgin teenage blood to release Tiamat"a Multi-Headed dragon" at the Pyramids at Giza, On the day of the summer solstice . Just days away, the souls were collected and put into a magical orb. The Party goes to Cairo and see that Maeve’s Gargoyles are protecting her as she is starting the ritual. She put up an invisible wall around the pyramids to repel a direct attack. From over head the party tries to disrupt the ritual with impromptu acid bombs and grenades. After settling inside the walls, Freak tries to attack Maeve directly but she manages to flip him on the ground and not upset the ritual. The party does manage to obtain the orb but is cracked in doing so. The Ritual is finally disrupted by the party. Dr.Os new robots come in and start attacking the Gargoyles. The Party decides not to fight and escapes. Dr.O’s Robots defeat the Gargoyles and once again Dr. O is seen as hero against Maeve. That’s when the party realizes that he broke her out to be a Villain for him to defeat thus ensuring his positive view all over the world. The party has stern debate over the fate of the Orb. Rock & The Count wants to keep it and release the souls at a right time and place for personal reasons. The Rest of the party don’t want to release the souls. The matter is tabled to later.



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