The Zenith Society

Episode 6

Fighting on Fuji

With Dr. O taking over the Illuminati, thier actions at the CDC, and Charles too sick to use his influence, the members of the Zenith Society are now on the International Terrorist watch list. Making commercial flight rather impossible. None the less, the party is informed that a martial artist from Japan was next on there recruitment list. Pixie remembers the mercenary outside her house heading for Japan. Stopwatch and Highlander take a train from Rome to Seoul , then sail to Japan. Python poses as a flight attendant and pixie sneaks onto the same flight. Toltec sneaks across the Canadian Border then drives to British Columbia and from there she sails to Japan. After several weeks the party meets up at the Tokyo Tower. They discover the Martial artist has been in seclusion meditating. Meanwhile, the mercenary had already made contact with the Martial artists’ Temple and was told that he could see the temple master in a few days.

The Party ascend Mt. Fuji to meet with this Master Chi. Master Chi makes it back to the temple and is told by his acolyte that he had a visitor from the U.S. while Master Chi was gone. The American gave the message that his life was in danger. The party makes contact with the temple before the mercenary makes it back. Leary of strangers especially after the information Master Chi was given, only Python and Toltec are given permission to see master Chi. Shorty after introductions the mercenary who had been hiding in the temple attacks Toltec and Python. Master Chi abstains from the fight not knowing whom to trust. With paired whips the mercenary starts to choke Toltec and Python. Noticing the mercenary taking pleasure from the attack, Master Chi cuts the whips. Angry by Master Chi(MC) cutting his weapons, he screams at MC. MC in returns gives him a chi punch that causes the mercenary to run off. Pixie chases after him and hears him call in for the robots. Knowing that the robots are coming she returns to the temple and tells the party. The party informs MC about the robots and thier purpose. MC has the temple evacuated by his students. Stopwatch senses the attack, and stops time on the robots when they arrive. The party uses the opertunity to get into an attack formation. When time starts again, MC and Highlander get good hits on the robot. Pixie enters the robot and cuts it’s sensory programing. Stopwatch manipulates the self-destruct program. Highlander grabs the robot and throws it a mile into the air before it blows. Afterward, the party speaks with MC. MC wants to meet Charles before he decides to join. Even though Charles is very sick he makes arrangement to meet MC in Seoul. Charles promises that the Society will protect the temple and it’s occupants. With that MC joins the Society.



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