The Zenith Society

Episode 5

The WNBA Comes to Calcutta

The group goes onto a recruitment mission to India. Supposedly a girl that has been blessed by Ganesha is going to college in Calcutta. When the party arrives on the campus, Python posing as a typical student sees a 7ft tall woman. Python tries to speak to her but the tall figure ignores him. Python having a dossier of the girl, code named The Sculptress they are trying to meet, assumes her likeness. The tall woman suddenly makes eye contact with Python now posing as Sculptress and advances towards him. Meanwhile, the rest of the party finds the real Sculptress. Python, seeing that the tall woman is pursuing him, runs into a bathroom. The giant woman rips the stall door open, revealing the latest upgrade in Dr.O’s robots. Python manages to hold off the android until The Count finds them. The Count casts carpet of adhesion on the android and it begins it’s self-destruct sequence. The party manages to get bystanders out of the way and only minimal damage to the campus. The party leaves the scene so as not to be involved in explaining what happened to the authorities. Sculptress agrees to join but wants to get some things from her home. There, one of the standard robots attacks the party. Phoenixtakes on the brunt of the attack until Sculptress touches the robot and it disintegrates. Heading to the South American H.Q,, the party finds out that Dr. Ohas kidnapped Charles and is holding him for ransom. In exchange for Charles, Dr.O wants the temporal device that the party saved from a robot back at the NY H.Q.. The part fabricates a fake device to exchange. Dr. O has the Turk bring Charles in a wheelchair and to do the switch at a terminal at the Atlanta airport. The exchanged is made but as the fake is realized the party finds out that Charles has been poisoned. Charles tells them that no matter what, the real device can’t fall into Dr. O’s hands. The party tries to find all available cures but the poison is a new concoction of Dr.O’s. The party panics as Charles get worse and decide to kidnap the head of the CDC research dept. to come up with a cure. The poison affects the immune system causing the immune system itself to start killing Charles. The party infects Charles with H.I.V. to suppress the immune system and counter the affects of the poison. The poison is already permanently in his system and he will have to be injected with the H.I.V virus and with chemo like treatments every 2 weeks for him to live. Soon afterward, the party finds out that Dr.O has taken over the Illuminati!



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