The Zenith Society

Episode 4

of Cops and Kidnappers

The group is asked to go on a recruitment trip to China. Rumors of a cop that can open portals all over the world lead the team to a police station in the Xian province. Freak and Cyborg speak with a police Sgt. then meet with a Chen Fei code named Orient Express(O.E.). O.E. tells them that he has established an underground cavern as a hideout and storage beneath the Gobi Desert. After O.E joins, the party goes to Tel Aviv to recruit Blue Legion, a girl that supposedly can produce multiples of herself. She is a thief and doesn’t trust them at first but decides to join anyway. Soon afterward the party gets word that Charles Wisenhunt’s (the party benefactor) brother George has been kidnapped by some of Dr. O’s Robots. George was able to send a GPS signal letting them know he is being held in an abandoned police station outside of Cairo. The Society arranges for a parachute drop over the location. The party gets off target but reestablish contact. Rocky tries to jam the robot’s signal, but the robots are aware of the party’s entrance into the police station and attack the party as they are entering. The party splits into 2 groups and defeat the robot sentries. O.E. contains the explosion of one of the robots. Another two robots are destroyed and the robot guarding George is also destroyed. The party immediately takes the hostage to a local private airport where a C-19 is waiting for them. As they take off, they see a plane that has the Turk on board landing. While the party celebrates, Blue Legion multiplies to reward the party. A robot then attacks the plane, both wings are destroyed and the robot flies off. Parachutes are attached to Rocky’s hovercraft and the non-flying party members along with the plane’s crew. They pile on to the hovercraft and very slowly make it back to Rome.


“Ble Legion multiplies to reward the party” lolwut?

Episode 4

big time lmao

Episode 4

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