The Zenith Society

Episode 27

While visiting Master Chi’s temple. The party hears about strange creatures attacking villagers. near the base of the mountain. After a brief skirmish with some Lizard men in a cave off of Mt. Fuji, Holly tells the party of a person looking up information on the Zenith Society. Master Chi, Screaming Eagle, and Branch go and check the guy out. They find out that an ex-CEO of an Aviation company wanted to join the Society. He also had been finding individual to form a super-hero group. The Business man calling himself the Benefactor was willing to offer his money and home with the Society if his group merge with the Society. The Only thing he asked in return was that he was to lead the Society. After much debate the new band of Heroes joined the Society. When the massive Earthquake and Tsunami hit Japan the Society did what it could to help. One of the new Members:Daeva an ex-Succubus, told the Party that the Disaster was not natural and she thought something from Hell may have surfaced. So the party searched miles off the coast and found that a Kraken had been Released. The party eventually defeated the monster and the new members proved their worth to the group! Also The POTUS let’s the party know about a project from the last days of the cold war. The Us Government experimented with nano-tech in infants. All of the babies died except one. Her Code name is Cacaphony. The President felt that the Society would be a good place for her to join.



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