The Zenith Society

Episode 26

After booby trap went off at the the ritual site at the Battle of Red Cliff in China, Maeve disappears. Holly soon tells the party about a law change in Greece, that would let a non-party candidate on to its ballot. Dr.O through a social networking push become a candidate for Prime Minister of Greece. Seeing this as the first power play of Dr.O, the party goes to Greece. The party goes to the two best candidates that could defeat Dr.O. Python poses as Dr.O in Turkey giving a speech where he is willing to give Cypress to the Turks. Since Dr.O’s body guard is a Turk this gives the claim credibility. The party shows the speech to the two other candidates. After speaking with the conservative party candidate, the society finds out that the Conservative party is secretly backing Dr.O. So the society starts to talk to conservative backers to back the Communist party candidate. To insure the outcome the society devises a plan to rig the election outside the election headquarters. When Cyborg gets there a robot is scouting the area. The robot flies by Cyborg and takes a picture of him at the election building. Cyborg fights the Robot, it blows up, but not before transmitting the photo. Cyborg immediately flies to Haiti with the Mage to remove himself from any improper involvement. Holly finds out that a subsidiary of Dr.O’s supplied the machines to count the votes. The company that supplied the machines came from Mobile, Alabama. Holly does what she can to circumvent the tampering from the computer in Alabama. While the party goes to Alabama,the party goes to investigate the Wild Turkey bar. They break in into the bar and fight some Illuminati soldiers. Then they proceed down to the office and find Cyclone and Shield Maiden. O.E. captures Cyclone and Shield Maiden is believed to be killed. The party then downloads Holly to the office computer and flood votes to Dr.O, in a landslide that looks suspicious. The party also find the location of Dr.O’s secret underwater base.



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