The Zenith Society

Episode 24

Rocky and George(Charles Wisenhunt’s Brother) manage to get the escape pod space worthy. With that, the party decides that they need to go to the home world of the space worms they found inside O.E. In the hope of bringing him back to life. Stopwatch learns how to fly the pod, and with Rocky’s help find a Gravity Well far beneath our Sun. As they enter the new Galaxy, the System that they are in has a Blue Sun. Rocky remembers where he heard of the worm planet. It’s a swampy, volcanic tiny world with a atmosphere that unbeknownst to the party, has psychotropic effects on Humans. The party finds where the worms are located, and Python makes contact with them. At first they seem primitive but as more worms congregate the more sophisticated they became. Python explains to worms about bringing O.E. back to life. The worms said that they would try but, it would take them awhile. After a week the pods sensors pick-up something coming towards the planet. A small craft enters the atmosphere, and the party hides. A reptile race exits the small craft and begins to scout out the area. Before the alien reptiles can find O.E.’s body the party ambushes the reptiles and kill them. The party checks out the alien craft but is only by bio-mechanical means. The Count opens a mystic portal to get into the craft. As they enter a transmission is being sent. Python manages to communicate to them. He lets them know that nothing was found and that they will be leaving the planet soon. Yet, the other reptiles know something entered the System. The party then stage an accident with a volcano so that the other reptiles will not get suspicious. The worms manage to revive O.E. and the party heads back to Earth. Then Legion gets in touch with the First Lady to tell the President of the extra-terrestrial threat. Rocky tell them that the Reptiles serve a being named Amok who is bent on ruling the Universe.



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