The Zenith Society

Episode 23

Scott's game

After defeating Maeve at Ayer’s Rock in Australia, the party regrouped in Seoul, Korea. There, Master Chi’s head disciple informs the group that Master Chi is missing. The disciple tells the party that the recent quake in Japan could only have come from a massive Kai yell. The disciple tells the party that he thinks the yell came from a part of Mt. Fuji that never sees the sun and is known to be a place of great evil. The party goes to the dark side of Mt. Fuji, as they enter the party is attacked by the last of Maeve’s Gargoyle lords. It takes control of Cyborg’s mind and has him attack Figment. Figment dissipates as Cyborg hits him. Then Cyborg flies full speed into O.E. obliterating his body. The party manages to kill the gargoyle and Cyborg is no longer under its influence. As the party examines O.E’s remains they see several worm like beings coming out of O.E.‘s body. The Party checks with Holly as to what they could be, Holly explains that they are alien in nature and not sure as to their physiology. They get in touch and he tells them that the worms need a host to survive and is familiar with the planet from which the worms come from. So the party gathers the worms and Sculptress poses as a Doctor at a near by hospital. She manages to put the worms into a comatose patient, Then the Party returns to the shadowy part of Mt. Fuji.
As soon as they enter they see a pagoda, that’s when Legion, and Sculptress remember the building from a past dream about Maeve’s Japanese son that is part demon. They also remember his name translates into Death Dragon. The party manages to get past the chi summoned creatures that were remembered from the dream. Soon the party finds Death Dragon and fight him. During the battle Legion and Cyborg are tortured through a chi spell for there past wrong doings. Finally Prototype kills Death Dragon. After his death they discover where in China Maeve plans to raise her largest of undead armies at the Battle of Red Cliff. The party finds Master Chi but the pagoda implodes



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