The Zenith Society

Episode 13

An Old Fashioned Goo Slinging Contest

Holly tells the party that reminisce of the black ooze has killed people in San Fransisco. The party does some research and finds out that Dr.O had done some experiments on a alien substance that fits the description of the sludge while at the University in Athens. Having taken a lot of negative press, the party tries to do their own mudslinging campaign against Dr.O. The party leaks information to several media outlets about Dr.O and the goo. The party then retraces it’s steps from the last encounter with the sludge. They track the ooze to a storm drain north of San Fransisco. They manage to kill the sludge and record the entire fight and then they send the footage to the same media outlets. Next the party starts a misinformation campaign for and against Dr.O. Then they shell out some cash to get some people to start some anti-Dr.O sites and Blogs. Most of the sites close down with in a few days. The few that are still up and running the party increase funding to really push the mudslinging. After a week some of the bloggers are killed. Python shape changes and talks with the Feds. Python show all the circumstantial evidence of Dr. O to a Lance Cartwright. There is enough to convince Agent Cartwright that Dr.O could be behind the killings. Agent Cartwright does an initial follow-up to the party’s claims but begins to think his superiors could be in the pocket of Dr.O. Cartwright sets up a sting operation foe Dr.O, but makes look like its a sting against cyber-terrorism. Python and the party consult with Cartwright to set the trap. Another agent under Cartwright is an apartment outside of D.C. The agent begins a blog against Dr.O. 4 hours into blogging a Robot shows up. The Robot rips open a hole in the roof and kills the agent at the computer. The party confronts and defeats the robot. In the end nothing really comes about any case against Dr.O and the Party are considered terrorist. The party does gain Cartwright as a contact in the F.B.I.



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