The Zenith Society

Episode 12

Fearing what would happen to Cyborg if he was found in the Nashville Airport restroom, Orient Express goes to Master Chi’s shrine and brings him back to New York. Blue Legion drives the company transport truck to Nashville. As they get close they pose as a delivery truck. While on the airport grounds, they find a security guard. Blue Legion tells the airport security, that she is Cyborgs sister and flirts with the guard til she can get to Cyborg. There she is able to get him out of there. When they get back to the truck Master Chi heals cyborg. Cyborg tells them about his fight with the Turk. They decide to try and confront him while his hand is still injured and head to the Wild Turkey in Mobile, Alabama. Having never been there before, Blue Legion goes in and starts flirting with the patrons and bartender. While distracted, Cyborg and Master Chi sneak down to the arena. Orient Express tunnels from underneath to the arena. As Orient Express breaks through the floor of the arena his powers fade. Cyborg & Master Chi find the Turk in a side room to the arena, with his hand in some kind of contraption (presumably healing it). Cyborg & Master Chi ambush the Turk, the fight goes back and forth then Cyborg is K.O.ed again. Master Chi manages to tackle the Turk down the hole made by Orient Express The Turk screams for help and the Shield Maiden comes down the stairs. Blue Legion follows her, strikes her from behind, then gets past her to hole in the arena. Orient Express goes back down the hole then gateways them all back to New York HQ. Back in New york, they interrogate the Turk but he is not giving anything up and even broke through the handcuffs. Cyborg, and Blue Legion start to torture the Turk. He lets them know that Dr.O’s H.Q. are in the Pacific Ocean but doesn’t know exactly where. The Turk also tells them that Dr.O’s Illuminati contacts have kidnapped Phoenix and Screaming Eagle. The party decides to trade the Turk for Phoenix and Screaming Eagle. Once again, the exchange is to happen at the Atlanta Airport. Afterward, the party returns to New York. The Turk is seen on T.V. exclusive, about his harrowing experience as a kidnapped victim of a Terrorist called the Zenith Society. Since the main N.B.C. Studio is in New York Stopwatch sneaks into the control room and destroys all the footage and copies. Yet, the P.R. damage is done and negative rumors begin about the Society.


his sister? oh i get it…. Nashville! wakka wakka wakka!

Episode 12

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