The Zenith Society

Episode 11

Upon hearing of the evil spirit in Maeve’s Lair, Cyborg makes arrangements to have the entire complex to be filled with cement. After having that done, He goes back to New york and meets with Pixie, Python and Rocky. An 2 different explosions are heard on the Roof of Head quarters and in the armory. Holly’s Particle beam gun blew up destroying her mobile emitter and with a company Helicopter with Scarlet Lady(the Tattoo mage) beside it, killing her. Sculptress finds out that both were caused by sabotage. Since it had to be an inside job the entire Zenith Society is questioned. Then it is figured out to have been Squid(the Spec. Ops) soldier they found in Maeves lair. Apparently he was placed in the the lair by Dr.O to be rescued by the party then when he was able disrupt the team. He managed to get out of Headquarters during the commotion. They manage to track him down to Madison Square Garden. The party notices that while he is trying to hide he seems to be waiting around. Eventually Shield maiden(Dr.O’s Daughter) arrives and hands him a briefcase. Pixie flies and sneaks into the briefcase and finds that it is flies with cash. The party tries to trail squid but are discovered. A fight breaks out but Cyborg knocks him out. Squid is taken back to N.Y.H.Q. When he wakes he is Interrogated by Rocky. Finds out that Dr.O is putting a higher attention on removing the Magic oriented members of the Society. Holly was also a high priority for her Information gathering capabilities. A scheme is hatched, The party decides to try and Fool Dr.O’s organization. The party rigs explosions at the Buenas Aires H.Q. Faking the deaths of Orient Express(OE), Python, and Ghost. Using the genetics labs at the H.Q., they clone some of there body parts then leave them in area to be found after explosion to sell the ruse. After the Explosion, city officials are paid off by the party and Python poses as Squid. He calls the Wild Turkey in Alabama. He mentions that he blew up the South American H.Q. and demands payment. Shield Maiden is pissed that his timing was premature and will only pay a million. They Schedule the money exchange at the Atlanta airport and Turk will make the exchange. Python has Pixie go with him to meet Turk. Pixie is caught sneaking into the Briefcase. Pixie and Python escape a fight from the Turk. Turk turns around and gets on his Flight to Alabama. Cyborg goes Mach to try and intercept the plane. While flying he snatches up a turkey and takes it with him. He finally gets to Turks Plane and throws the turkey into the engine. Disrupting the engines enough that it redirects to the Nashville Airport. There Cyborg waits for an opportunity to ambush the Turk. Eventually, the Turk goes to the Restroom. Cyborg surprises him there, Turk tries to swing back and misses, hitting the wall behind Cyborg. Cyborg tries to get the advantage but the Turk punches Cyborg leaving him unconscious in the Nashville airport bathroom.



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