The Zenith Society

Episode 10

Holly sends word to all members that Charles Wisenhunt is dead. Apparent Suicide. The Party returns to New York for the Funeral. The Party really presses Holly into the details into his suicide and how. Reluctantly Holly Introduces them to Prototype. Holly tells them that Charles managed to transfer is collective thoughts and knowledge into a device. That Device could then be put into a Robot body of one of Dr.O’s Robots and the Blue Knight Armor. Yet the Transfer didn’t go smoothly and the psychic Imprint in the Blue knight altered the personality of both causing Prototype to have similar knowledge but not the same level of skill of the Blue Knight and Charles.
Creating a new persona for Prototype. The party makes arrangements for Charles’s Funeral. The Service is held at a Synagogue and later buried near in Brooklyn. At the Burial Dr.O and his Entourage shows up to pay his respects to Charles. He mentions that they were friends yet had deferent views that led to their falling out. Though tense, the only ones to make a move against Dr.O’s crew are Python who uses his shape shifting ability to put a ripple effect on his own face to toy with them a bit. Stopwatch leaves to find a close building to get into a Sniper position, but by the time he finds one Dr.O’s people leave.
After the Service, the Count figures out were Maeve’s lair is located beneath Newgrange Ireland. Throughout the lair are traps or effects to hinder a persons sanity. Several Vampire minions and Entities protect the Lair. In one particular room a Vampire is feeding on a Spec. Ops Soldier nicknamed Squid by the Vampire. He is Rescued but Holly is severely Injured, Orient Express(OE) have them gateway back to the N.Y.H.Q. Count and Master Chi(MC) proceed on alone. More traps and Vampres are delt with, except 2 vampires do manage to get away. Another room is discovered, to hold a source of immense evil. Only one person may enter at a time, and the Entity will grant them the power to Kill the next person they see. Knowing the next person is a party member both refuse. They both try to find out if there is a way to vanquish the evil in the room. They discover that a Monk in Vietnam could potentially be able to. They make arrangements to bring the Monk to Newgrange. He cleanses the lair but informs them that ANY evil done in the Lair will bring back the entity. The Monks is then returned home. As the room is cleansed a secret door is discovered. It’s Maeves treasure room and Armory. The Evil and Selfish weapons are destroyed. The one weapon of good is impaled into the floor of the room where the evil had been cleansed. Other tomes and items are found and the lair is cleared.



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