The Zenith Society

Episode 28

Amok‘s minions the Toogarth sent a preliminary invading voice to test the Earth defenses. Targeting every military base in the world and attacking some population centers. Holly, Benefactor, and Orient Express coordinate the Society to help defend the cities. Dr. O also has his Robots engage the alien threat. The Toogarth have a force field armor that was much tougher than the ones used in the first contact with the Toogarth. Freak throws nerve grenade at the invaders and is highly successful. The party ask Holly and Pixie to come up with a nerve agent that will affect the Toogarth but won’t harm human beings. They eventually come up with a chemical agent but will cause hallucinations with humans. The party goes ahead makes a release for the chemical. It works in most the cites. They manage to capture a field commander and her spacecraft. The party then interrogates the captive while antagonizing the prisoner in Buenas Aires. The plan to cause the prisoner to reveal information is successful as the taunts cause her to think of critical items while Toltec reads her mind. She gleans from the alien that a much larger armada is massing near the gravity well to our galaxy, Amok accompanying them. They ascertain that the invasion will happen in a few months. Wondering how they can booby trap the gravity well,Master Chi tries to spiritually contact Dr. O. In his initial viewing of Dr.O he has a new Headquarters in Space. When Dr. O sees the image of Master Chi, Dr.O puts on a helmet and contact is severed. The party also hears that other superheroes came to defend earth from the invasion. Deluge in Sydney Australia, Pandemonia in Helsinki Finland, and something caused a ship to blow up in orbit. The party thought it might be Dr. O, but was surprised to a teenage girl has been given an alien artifact to help defeat Amok. With all the commotion going on the party contacts the President. He feels he needs a inside person to the party and tells the Party that a experiment from the Cold War has matured and would like her to join the Society. Plans to defend earth are discussed but never finalized.



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