Tag: villain


  • Dr. O

    Has extensive knowledge in every field of science save holograms. Is very versed in Robotics. Has an army of Robots that serve him. Doesn't like AI due to the unpredictable nature of it. Is knowledgeable in genetic engineering, cybernetics and all forms …

  • Maeve

    Grew up during the English invasion of Ireland. Was already a druid. Manage to find enough spell knowledge to live indefinitely. Has traveled the world in search of Spells and other magic Knowledge. Is determine to destroy the world so she may be rewarded …

  • Turk

    Raised since infancy to be the ultimate physical form with diet and exercise. Is a master Mixed-Martial artist.

  • Robots

    When close to defeat these creations of Dr. O explode causing damage and leaving little in the way of incriminating evidence.