The Zenith Society

Episode 25

Holly intercepts a message from the Gettyburg tourist station. Graves from the national cemetary have been exumed from in the inside out. The Party knowing this to be one of the places where Maeve was going to raise her undead Army, head there as soon as possible. As the members show up they scout from above and notice that almost all of the undead have gathered in the forest near Little Round Top. With most of the undead there, the party starts a fire to keep the undead contain in the area. The party kills the undead outside the fire. Menagerie notices Meave’s familiar and it is killed as well. When the weasel dies the rest of the undead fall to the ground. Knowing that Maeve will do the same at the Battle of Red Cliff in China the party heads there. Some of the party checks out the site and find out that Maeve has been in the area. The party uncovers sign of where she will perform the ritual to raise the largest of her undead armies. The Count cast spell to see when the area is disturbed and Hotshot sets up some explosives to go off when that happens. While setting up the trap, some Chinese officials investigate the area. The party hides but over hears a comment that the reports of people in the are were false. Trying to figure out how they may have been outed, Holly suggest that Dr.O may have have hacked into a spy satellite and gave the information to the Chinese. Blue Legion then gets word to the President about Maeve raising an undead army at Gettysburg. Then ask if the President can spin a story that doesn’t alert the public about the undead. Afterward Holly has some of the party to meet with a Precognitive. in Portugal. Madame Fatima tells them that she has seen an army of Aliens invading Earth and that Millions of people will die if the Society were to leave Earth. Billions will die years later until a Master of Robots manages to defeat the Alien Leader with the help of an evil mage. He will eventually rule the world but then he and the mage will war against each other and millions more will die.

Episode 24

Rocky and George(Charles Wisenhunt’s Brother) manage to get the escape pod space worthy. With that, the party decides that they need to go to the home world of the space worms they found inside O.E. In the hope of bringing him back to life. Stopwatch learns how to fly the pod, and with Rocky’s help find a Gravity Well far beneath our Sun. As they enter the new Galaxy, the System that they are in has a Blue Sun. Rocky remembers where he heard of the worm planet. It’s a swampy, volcanic tiny world with a atmosphere that unbeknownst to the party, has psychotropic effects on Humans. The party finds where the worms are located, and Python makes contact with them. At first they seem primitive but as more worms congregate the more sophisticated they became. Python explains to worms about bringing O.E. back to life. The worms said that they would try but, it would take them awhile. After a week the pods sensors pick-up something coming towards the planet. A small craft enters the atmosphere, and the party hides. A reptile race exits the small craft and begins to scout out the area. Before the alien reptiles can find O.E.’s body the party ambushes the reptiles and kill them. The party checks out the alien craft but is only by bio-mechanical means. The Count opens a mystic portal to get into the craft. As they enter a transmission is being sent. Python manages to communicate to them. He lets them know that nothing was found and that they will be leaving the planet soon. Yet, the other reptiles know something entered the System. The party then stage an accident with a volcano so that the other reptiles will not get suspicious. The worms manage to revive O.E. and the party heads back to Earth. Then Legion gets in touch with the First Lady to tell the President of the extra-terrestrial threat. Rocky tell them that the Reptiles serve a being named Amok who is bent on ruling the Universe.

Episode 23
Scott's game

After defeating Maeve at Ayer’s Rock in Australia, the party regrouped in Seoul, Korea. There, Master Chi’s head disciple informs the group that Master Chi is missing. The disciple tells the party that the recent quake in Japan could only have come from a massive Kai yell. The disciple tells the party that he thinks the yell came from a part of Mt. Fuji that never sees the sun and is known to be a place of great evil. The party goes to the dark side of Mt. Fuji, as they enter the party is attacked by the last of Maeve’s Gargoyle lords. It takes control of Cyborg’s mind and has him attack Figment. Figment dissipates as Cyborg hits him. Then Cyborg flies full speed into O.E. obliterating his body. The party manages to kill the gargoyle and Cyborg is no longer under its influence. As the party examines O.E’s remains they see several worm like beings coming out of O.E.‘s body. The Party checks with Holly as to what they could be, Holly explains that they are alien in nature and not sure as to their physiology. They get in touch and he tells them that the worms need a host to survive and is familiar with the planet from which the worms come from. So the party gathers the worms and Sculptress poses as a Doctor at a near by hospital. She manages to put the worms into a comatose patient, Then the Party returns to the shadowy part of Mt. Fuji.
As soon as they enter they see a pagoda, that’s when Legion, and Sculptress remember the building from a past dream about Maeve’s Japanese son that is part demon. They also remember his name translates into Death Dragon. The party manages to get past the chi summoned creatures that were remembered from the dream. Soon the party finds Death Dragon and fight him. During the battle Legion and Cyborg are tortured through a chi spell for there past wrong doings. Finally Prototype kills Death Dragon. After his death they discover where in China Maeve plans to raise her largest of undead armies at the Battle of Red Cliff. The party finds Master Chi but the pagoda implodes

Episode 22

Before the party could check on the Monk, Phoenix finds a sees a cave 3 miles from Maeve’s Peru lair. Undead are coming out of the cave, the party figures out an attack plan. More undead filter out of the cave. Thinking that the village will be attacked, Phoenix goes supernova. This kills all the undead that came out of the cave. The party assumes that Maeve is in the cave and Cyborg flies at mach to kill her. Cyborg is stopped by a spell. Maeve then teleports away. Fearing that Maeve is anxious to raise her undead army, the party goes to the closest area she planned to raise her army in Zaire. In the Jungles of Zaire the party find undead. As they go deeper into the jungle, they find a tree of ages, Undead are pouring out of an opening at the base of the giant tree. Cyborg and Phoenix kill most of the undead and the remaining undead are killed by the rest of the party. The party then goes to Australia to Ayer’s Rock were a nexus point exist. Menagerie visit with a local aborigine tribe and ask for there help in confronting Maeve. 30 Warriors with guns join the party in attacking the undead at Ayer’s rock. A platoon of undead are in front of the site and the battle follows. The party and aborigine defeat the undead. Toltec then hacks into a geology satellite and notice a secret entrance to plateau. The party descends through the secret entrance and find a tunnel with a dim light up ahead. Maeve and her demon weasel familiar are there but are protected by a magic wall. O.E. tunnels under the wall, sculptress shapes the sides of the wall and the Count cast mystic portal through the wall. Cyborg flies full throttle through the portal. Maeve is able to take it, a skirmish ensues then Maeve cast Carpet of Adhesion than Teleports away.

Episode 21

Since they found out that Maeve had several research libraries all over the world, the group decides to check on potential libraries and discover that a woman in the 1800’s that was accused of being a witch in a small Irish community that fit Maeve’s description in Saskatchewan, Canada. The group flies to Canada to check it out. While investigating the town they find an old graveyard that used to be an Indian Burial mound. In the graveyard they find a Mausoleum with the name O’Leary on it. Menagerie and Pixie sneak into the crypt and pixie hears noises from below. They open the crypt from inside. The party descends down a ladder in the mausoleum and see a Zombie Lord and a Mummy. The party kills them both and find a secret lair In it they see a room that has recently been emptied, except some certain military history books with some battles marked. The battle of Gettysburg being the closest. So the party goes there, but nothing happens but sees Maeve’s Familiar. They engage the weasel and it shoots a couple of fireballs at Menagerie. Menagerie escapes and the party goes to the next battle site in Peru. While traveling through a small village a scream is heard, the party investigates to see a young man. He is acting weird then sheds his skin and is revealed to be a demon ghoul. The party kills the ghoul and the villagers rejoice but inform the party that other strange events have happen in the area. They find Maeve’s library near the Battle of Cajamarca. Soon Afterward, Holly tells the party that the Monk from Vietnam has been kidnapped by a gargoyle and headed North, presumably to Japan. Rumors of Maeve’s demon child living in the region are mentioned. It is also found out that the battle sites are necessary for Maeve to raise her undead army. In addition to the sites mentioned it is discovered that she will raise armies at sites in Zaire, China, and Australia.

Episode 20
The return of Maeve

Holly does some research and tells the party that she thinks Maeve is going to inhabit the form of one of her vampire servants. Toltec having used the Counts crystal ball before it was given to Rafael, knows that the Vampires are in the old part of London called White Chapel. The Party prepares for fighting vampires before heading to London. The party gets a hotel in the area, Dominatrix sends her sensory orb to scout out the neighborhood. She eventually sees 2 figures hunched over an old woman. She regroups and tells the party what she sees. They rush over to the area but only the remains of the the woman’s body are there. With the sun coming out, the party looks for an abandon buildings. They first look into an old pub, and they find a vampire there, and stopwatch stops time and drags him outside. Then Dominatrix unloads a gallon of Holy water on the vampire killing it. Then the party checks out the rest of the pub and find a girl behind a wall. She is weak and malnourished. They find out that her name is Molly O’Leary and believe she is a descendant of Maeves’. They send her home with some of the Society to protect her. The rest of the party trace the other vampire to an old motel. They chase after it and manage to capture it. Through torturing the vampire, they find out that Maeve is going to possess Molly and that Maeve had several research Libraries throughout the world. While those that were sent to guard Molly, none were able to stop Maeve from taking control of her body. Meave in her new body immediately teleports away from the group. The party theorizes that she Maeve’s is still weak and wouldn’t be able to teleport very far and return to her lair in Newgrange, Ireland. When she get there she is very angry that her lair has been cemented up. She is still able to muster enough strength to teleport to her research Library in western Ireland. The group that was protecting the girl makes it to western Ireland first. They fight a gargoyle and kill it. Then they proceed to up the mountain and enter the face of the mountain. There they fight a gargoyle lord. Once it is defeated they party sees Maeve as the girl Molly. She has gathered some item and is able to teleport away again.

Episode 19
The Reboot

Hearing that a group of super humans were helping out in Haiti, a new superhuman- Dominatrix, travels down to Haiti compelled by her suit to help those who maybe suffering. Upon reaching Haiti, Dominatrix look for the area where super humans were rumored to be. She goes to the port of Port au Prince and see a large guy with a kilt. Believing him to be one of the super humans she had heard about she asked to join the Society. Highlander, having just brought back the remains of the Count was apprehensive to getting someone new to the team especially since Dr.O’s Robot’s pose as females. Highlander sends her off to the edge of town to assist with the help to the Locals. While trying a child and an elderly man a mysterious figure appears. When she is done the figure speaks with Dominatrix about a proposition. The Figure calling himself Raphael, he says that he can bring back some of the members of the Society back to life in exchange for Maeves library and some of the items obtained in her lair. She tells Highlander of the contact she had with Raphael and his offer. The Society decides to go ahead with Raphael’s Proposal with Dominatrix being the go between for them. Raphael ask Dominatrix to go to Ireland to retrieve the rib bone from a man’s grave. Once he has it he takes takes Dominatrix to New York and ask for some blood from Hotshot. Hotshot gives them a vial of his blood, then they proceed to Rome. From there they head to a cave outside of Rome. Once at the cave Raphael starts the ritual. Hours later a billowy cloud of smoke appears in the shape of a woman. Then a massive surge of energy encompassed the entire world. Dominatrix immediately leaves for New York. When she get there she finds out that The Count, Freak, Sculptress, and Menagerie are all back to life yet reality seems altered. Rafael come for his reward. When asked about the smokey female form, he said he couldn’t bring back the others without bringing back an adversary. Then they realized that Maeve was back as well. Raphael leaves for a different dimension and Dominatrix joins the team. With that Prototype and Dominatrix help rebuild Holly’s mobile emitter.

Episode 18

While helping in the Relief effort in Haiti, Rocky notices a woman that looked out of place in all the destruction. Suspicious of her Rocky tells the Count and the Count cast energy Disruption on her thinking it could be one of Dr.O’s Robots in disguise. She response by grabbing her chest and becomes sluggish. The Count casts it again and hears the familiar beeping sound of a Robot about to explode but it’s timer is effected by the spell. Orient Express opens a portal to beneath the Gobi Desert and the Robot is sent through before it can explode. Realizing the Dr.O had sent a scout Robot, the Party finds out he sent 10 million dollars in aid to the Red Cross. The Party starts to look for Red cross workers that could be droids. The party finds one, deactivates the self-destruct and sends it to the N.Y.H.Q. Knowing now that they the same Red Cross transport ship, The Party sends Pixie aboard the transport, to check it out. Soon later an Illuminati soldier gets aboard the boat. Pixie tries to fly into his ear, but he swats her away. She flies away and the party attacks the soldier. After they put him into a coma, they send him to N.Y.H.Q. The party checks out the computer at the helm and discover the boat in it’s travel log had been right by the epicenter of the earthquake that hit Haiti. The party goes to where the boat had been when the Earthquake hit. Rocky and the Count go beneath the ocean depths to investigate. Soon they are attacked by 2 of Dr.O’s Robots. They destroy one robot, but Rocky is injured. Rocky immediately retreats from the fight leaving a Robot to the Count. The Robot overpowers the Mage and the Count is killed. The Robot then proceeds to attack the boat with the rest of the party on it. Highlander holds Hotshot off the side of the boat to shoot at the Robot. The Robot is destroyed and the party manages to salvage the mages’ body.

Episode 17

The Party is investigating potential spiritual ways to bring back The Sculptress from the dead, when the Freak calls in frantically. Then his goggles go blank, using his last known location, Cyborg Flies off to Saudi Arabia to check out what happen to Freak. When he gets to Freak, Cyborg finds out he had been chopped to pieces by an extremely sharp blade. The Toltec recognized the type of cuts on the Freak could only be done by a Vibro-Blade. Having known only one person in the World that could make a blade of that sort, An believed to be dead friend of Toltec by the name The Slasher. Toltec tells Cyborg that Slashers family was from near Petra, Jordan. Cyborg flies to Jordan to the Slashers family home. While surveying the family for any potential clues to Slashers whereabouts, Cyborg notices a person in the shadows. Cyborg trails the figure back to a motel and it is confirmed to be Slasher? Cyborg sees that Slasher is on the phone, Holly traces the call and finds out that the call is to the Wild Turkey in Alabama. Cyborg crashes through the window at full speed, Slasher manages to parry the attack but the force of Cyborg moving at Mach.1 is still enough to kill Slasher. Shortly there after, a distress call comes in from Menagerie. Cyborg, flies to Perth but by the time he gets to her a Robot has killed her in Broad daylight. Lance tells the party that he thinks there has been further infiltration by Dr.O with many world Governments and all the U.S. intelligence agency’s. Fearing a power move against the President of the U.S. Blue Legion researches the shopping habit’s of the First Lady. Blue Legion gets a Job at the First Lady’s favorite clothing store. Eventually. The First Lady comes in on a shopping spree with her daughter’s. Blue Legion is able to slip a message into Mrs. Obama’s shopping bags. A Few days later a message comes to the N.Y.H.Q., about a meeting with an official from the President. The Party goes to the meeting place to check it out and everything seems clear. At the meeting place is the brother in law to the President. He shares information that the President has been getting different advice from his advisers and was skeptical to there intentions. The party tells him about Dr.O and his plans for world conquest. Mr. Robinson says he would relay the message and that they will be in touch.

Episode 16

While the Count deciphers the resurrection scroll from Maeve’s Lair for Cyborg. Holly informs the party that Lance is in trouble. Phoenix, Sculptress, Orient Express(O.E.) and Miss demise go from the N.Y.H.Q. to Washington D.C. to meet with Lance. Lance tells him that government agents have been following him. The Party decides it would be safer for Lance if he cam and stayed in New York. It is thought that traveling by train would be less obvious and easier to protect Lance. Everything is fine until shortly leaving Philadelphia. The rest of passenger cart is empty, with only Phoenix and Lance remaining in the cart. Suddenly the sound of metal on metal reverberates through the cart. Then Right over Phoenix and Lance one of Dr.O’s advance Robots peers through the roof of the cart. The Robot attempts to shoot Lance, but Phoenix jumps in front of him and takes the shot. Lance runs out of the cart, while sculptress comes into the cart. Both Sculptress and Phoenix take on the Robot. The Robot shoots Sculptress, phoenix tries to take the bullet again, but can’t get there in time. Sculptress is shot in the Head and killed. Phoenix leads the Robot out of the hole in the cart to get it away from the rest of the train. Once Phoenix is far enough away from the train and the Robot closes in on him, Phoenix goes Supernova. This kills the Robot but leaves Phoenix of his fire abilities for several weeks. Phoenix’s wings still exist and he flies back to the train. No further attempt takes place and Lance stays at the New York H.Q where he will be safe.


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