Robot W/ formerly the combine conscienes of Charles Wisenhunt and Blue Knight.


After Blue Knight was killed his exoskeleton siut was kept by the society. Charles Wisnehunt didn’t want to continue his ongoing treatments to keep him alive. So before Charles committed suicide he cannibalized one of Dr. O’s robots. Then Downloaded his conscience into the remains of the Blue Knight/Robot armor. See Below for details


Was a Exo-Skeleton robot pilot with a habit for picking fights with the police. Was eventually shot down and killed. The suit was recovered and reversed engineered with one of Doctor O’s Robots. The Society’s Leader had been poison by Dr.O and instead of living a life of constant treatments that leave him unconscious for weeks at a time, killed himself. Yet, he downloaded his memories & thoughts onto computer. The download was partial ineffective, Blue knight death in the suit left an imprint in the circuitry leaving a new personality all together in the robot Prototype!


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