The Zenith Society

Episode 25

Holly intercepts a message from the Gettyburg tourist station. Graves from the national cemetary have been exumed from in the inside out. The Party knowing this to be one of the places where Maeve was going to raise her undead Army, head there as soon as possible. As the members show up they scout from above and notice that almost all of the undead have gathered in the forest near Little Round Top. With most of the undead there, the party starts a fire to keep the undead contain in the area. The party kills the undead outside the fire. Menagerie notices Meave’s familiar and it is killed as well. When the weasel dies the rest of the undead fall to the ground. Knowing that Maeve will do the same at the Battle of Red Cliff in China the party heads there. Some of the party checks out the site and find out that Maeve has been in the area. The party uncovers sign of where she will perform the ritual to raise the largest of her undead armies. The Count cast spell to see when the area is disturbed and Hotshot sets up some explosives to go off when that happens. While setting up the trap, some Chinese officials investigate the area. The party hides but over hears a comment that the reports of people in the are were false. Trying to figure out how they may have been outed, Holly suggest that Dr.O may have have hacked into a spy satellite and gave the information to the Chinese. Blue Legion then gets word to the President about Maeve raising an undead army at Gettysburg. Then ask if the President can spin a story that doesn’t alert the public about the undead. Afterward Holly has some of the party to meet with a Precognitive. in Portugal. Madame Fatima tells them that she has seen an army of Aliens invading Earth and that Millions of people will die if the Society were to leave Earth. Billions will die years later until a Master of Robots manages to defeat the Alien Leader with the help of an evil mage. He will eventually rule the world but then he and the mage will war against each other and millions more will die.



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