The Zenith Society

Episode 22

Before the party could check on the Monk, Phoenix finds a sees a cave 3 miles from Maeve’s Peru lair. Undead are coming out of the cave, the party figures out an attack plan. More undead filter out of the cave. Thinking that the village will be attacked, Phoenix goes supernova. This kills all the undead that came out of the cave. The party assumes that Maeve is in the cave and Cyborg flies at mach to kill her. Cyborg is stopped by a spell. Maeve then teleports away. Fearing that Maeve is anxious to raise her undead army, the party goes to the closest area she planned to raise her army in Zaire. In the Jungles of Zaire the party find undead. As they go deeper into the jungle, they find a tree of ages, Undead are pouring out of an opening at the base of the giant tree. Cyborg and Phoenix kill most of the undead and the remaining undead are killed by the rest of the party. The party then goes to Australia to Ayer’s Rock were a nexus point exist. Menagerie visit with a local aborigine tribe and ask for there help in confronting Maeve. 30 Warriors with guns join the party in attacking the undead at Ayer’s rock. A platoon of undead are in front of the site and the battle follows. The party and aborigine defeat the undead. Toltec then hacks into a geology satellite and notice a secret entrance to plateau. The party descends through the secret entrance and find a tunnel with a dim light up ahead. Maeve and her demon weasel familiar are there but are protected by a magic wall. O.E. tunnels under the wall, sculptress shapes the sides of the wall and the Count cast mystic portal through the wall. Cyborg flies full throttle through the portal. Maeve is able to take it, a skirmish ensues then Maeve cast Carpet of Adhesion than Teleports away.



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