The Zenith Society

Episode 21

Since they found out that Maeve had several research libraries all over the world, the group decides to check on potential libraries and discover that a woman in the 1800’s that was accused of being a witch in a small Irish community that fit Maeve’s description in Saskatchewan, Canada. The group flies to Canada to check it out. While investigating the town they find an old graveyard that used to be an Indian Burial mound. In the graveyard they find a Mausoleum with the name O’Leary on it. Menagerie and Pixie sneak into the crypt and pixie hears noises from below. They open the crypt from inside. The party descends down a ladder in the mausoleum and see a Zombie Lord and a Mummy. The party kills them both and find a secret lair In it they see a room that has recently been emptied, except some certain military history books with some battles marked. The battle of Gettysburg being the closest. So the party goes there, but nothing happens but sees Maeve’s Familiar. They engage the weasel and it shoots a couple of fireballs at Menagerie. Menagerie escapes and the party goes to the next battle site in Peru. While traveling through a small village a scream is heard, the party investigates to see a young man. He is acting weird then sheds his skin and is revealed to be a demon ghoul. The party kills the ghoul and the villagers rejoice but inform the party that other strange events have happen in the area. They find Maeve’s library near the Battle of Cajamarca. Soon Afterward, Holly tells the party that the Monk from Vietnam has been kidnapped by a gargoyle and headed North, presumably to Japan. Rumors of Maeve’s demon child living in the region are mentioned. It is also found out that the battle sites are necessary for Maeve to raise her undead army. In addition to the sites mentioned it is discovered that she will raise armies at sites in Zaire, China, and Australia.



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