The Zenith Society

Episode 20

The return of Maeve

Holly does some research and tells the party that she thinks Maeve is going to inhabit the form of one of her vampire servants. Toltec having used the Counts crystal ball before it was given to Rafael, knows that the Vampires are in the old part of London called White Chapel. The Party prepares for fighting vampires before heading to London. The party gets a hotel in the area, Dominatrix sends her sensory orb to scout out the neighborhood. She eventually sees 2 figures hunched over an old woman. She regroups and tells the party what she sees. They rush over to the area but only the remains of the the woman’s body are there. With the sun coming out, the party looks for an abandon buildings. They first look into an old pub, and they find a vampire there, and stopwatch stops time and drags him outside. Then Dominatrix unloads a gallon of Holy water on the vampire killing it. Then the party checks out the rest of the pub and find a girl behind a wall. She is weak and malnourished. They find out that her name is Molly O’Leary and believe she is a descendant of Maeves’. They send her home with some of the Society to protect her. The rest of the party trace the other vampire to an old motel. They chase after it and manage to capture it. Through torturing the vampire, they find out that Maeve is going to possess Molly and that Maeve had several research Libraries throughout the world. While those that were sent to guard Molly, none were able to stop Maeve from taking control of her body. Meave in her new body immediately teleports away from the group. The party theorizes that she Maeve’s is still weak and wouldn’t be able to teleport very far and return to her lair in Newgrange, Ireland. When she get there she is very angry that her lair has been cemented up. She is still able to muster enough strength to teleport to her research Library in western Ireland. The group that was protecting the girl makes it to western Ireland first. They fight a gargoyle and kill it. Then they proceed to up the mountain and enter the face of the mountain. There they fight a gargoyle lord. Once it is defeated they party sees Maeve as the girl Molly. She has gathered some item and is able to teleport away again.



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