The Zenith Society

Episode 19

The Reboot

Hearing that a group of super humans were helping out in Haiti, a new superhuman- Dominatrix, travels down to Haiti compelled by her suit to help those who maybe suffering. Upon reaching Haiti, Dominatrix look for the area where super humans were rumored to be. She goes to the port of Port au Prince and see a large guy with a kilt. Believing him to be one of the super humans she had heard about she asked to join the Society. Highlander, having just brought back the remains of the Count was apprehensive to getting someone new to the team especially since Dr.O’s Robot’s pose as females. Highlander sends her off to the edge of town to assist with the help to the Locals. While trying a child and an elderly man a mysterious figure appears. When she is done the figure speaks with Dominatrix about a proposition. The Figure calling himself Raphael, he says that he can bring back some of the members of the Society back to life in exchange for Maeves library and some of the items obtained in her lair. She tells Highlander of the contact she had with Raphael and his offer. The Society decides to go ahead with Raphael’s Proposal with Dominatrix being the go between for them. Raphael ask Dominatrix to go to Ireland to retrieve the rib bone from a man’s grave. Once he has it he takes takes Dominatrix to New York and ask for some blood from Hotshot. Hotshot gives them a vial of his blood, then they proceed to Rome. From there they head to a cave outside of Rome. Once at the cave Raphael starts the ritual. Hours later a billowy cloud of smoke appears in the shape of a woman. Then a massive surge of energy encompassed the entire world. Dominatrix immediately leaves for New York. When she get there she finds out that The Count, Freak, Sculptress, and Menagerie are all back to life yet reality seems altered. Rafael come for his reward. When asked about the smokey female form, he said he couldn’t bring back the others without bringing back an adversary. Then they realized that Maeve was back as well. Raphael leaves for a different dimension and Dominatrix joins the team. With that Prototype and Dominatrix help rebuild Holly’s mobile emitter.



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